An old friend of mine told me tales about this bridge. When you cross there is a tunnel across. He told me that when it rained in Budapest, the people would move the bridge int the tunnel so the bridge wouldn’t get wet. I, like a child, believed him. We had a good laugh.

The building you see to the left of the photo, that is an engineering university.

This is my friend and I. I was lucky enough to met him at Manchester university, where we studied together. He showed me his home, Budapest.

This was an areal view of the bridge from the first photo from this album. He hiked for an hour to get this view.

We went ice skating with some friends too, and had some mulled wine…..

They measure in deciliters!

This place seemed familiar to me actually. Perhaps it reminded me too much of my favorite childhood movie, Matilda. Where Miss, Trenchbull would look her up as punishment…. Seems more like a horror movie but I promise it was such a great movie!




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